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white weed (Bandotan )

white weed  (Bandotan )
(Ageratum conyzoides L.)
A. ciliare Lour. (Non Linn), A. cordifolium Roxb.

Compositae (Asteraceae).
Bandotan classified into seasonal herb plant, grow upright or lying on the bottom, about 30-90 cm tall, and branching. Round stems with long hair, if it touches the ground will issue a root. Leaf-stemmed, situated facing each other and crossbones (Compositae), leaf blade ovate with rounded base and pointed tip, serrated edge, 1-10 cm long, 0.5 to 6 cm wide, long-haired second leaf surface with a gland located in lower surface of leaves, the color green.
Compound interest gather 3 or more, panicle-shaped flat coming out of the end of the shaft, it was white. 6-8 mm long flower bulbs, with a hairy stem. The fruit is black and is small. Local distribution, habitat and cultivation Bandotan can be propagated by seed. Bandotan originated from tropical America. In Indonesia, bandotan the wild plants and better known as plant pests (weeds) in the garden and in the fields. This plant, can be found also in the yard, roadside, embankments, and water lines at an altitude of about 1-2100 m above sea level (asl). If the leaves have withered and decayed, this plant will remove the bad smell.

Local Name:
NAME OF REGION: Sumatera: bandotan, daun tombak, siangit, tombak jantan, siangik kahwa, rumput tahi ayam. Jawa: babadotan, babadotan leutik, babandotan, babadotan beureum, babadotan hejo, jukut bau, ki bau, bandotan, berokan, wedusan, dus wedusan, dus bedusan, tempuyak. Sulawesi: dawet, lawet, rukut manooe, rukut weru, sopi.  Sheng hong ji (China), bulak manok (Tagalog.), ajganda, sahadevi (IP), billy goat weed, white weed, bastard agrimony (I), celestine, eupatoire bleue. NAME SIMPLISIA: Agerati Herba (herba bandotan), Agerati Radix (akar bandotan).

Herba bandotan containing amino acids, organacid, pectic substance, volatile oil coumarin, ageratochromene, friedelin, ß-sitosterol, stigmasterol, tannins, sulfur, and potassium chloride. Bandotan root contains volatile oils, alkaloids, and coumarins
Curable Disease:
This herb taste slightly bitter, spicy, and is neutral. Bandotan efficacious stimulant, tonic, reliever fever (antipyretic), antitoksik, eliminating swelling, stopping the bleeding (hemostatis), facilitating menstruation (emenagog), facilitating urine (diuretic), and facilitating fart (kaiminatit). Bandotan leaves can be used also as a botanical insecticide. In addition conyzoide.s Ageratum L., bandotan there are other varieties that have the same efficacy, namely Ageratum haoustonianum Mill. Bandotan leaf extract (5% and 10%) can prolong the estrus cycle and slow the progression of follicle female mice (virgin and non virgin). However, no effect on the uterus, vagina, and liver. After the recovery period, estrus cycle and return to normal follicle development. There was no difference in effect between virgin and non virgin mice during the treatment (Yuni Ahda, JF UNAND Science, - 1993). Bandotan leaf extract in doses of 20% coconut oil does not give effect to wound healing. However, at doses of 40% and 80% to heal wounds significantly with increasing dose. In fact, the effect of wound healing at doses of 80% did not differ significantly with povidone iodine 10% (Eliza Magdalene, JF Science UI, 1993).
Parts used for medicinal herbs is (part above ground) and roots. Herbs are used in the form of fresh herbs or dried.

Herba bandotan efficacious for the treatment of: fever, malaria, sore throat, inflammation of the lungs (pneumonia), inflammation of the middle ear (otitis media), bleeding, such as uterine bleeding, oozing sores and nosebleeds, diarrhea, dysentery, colic (colic), vomiting, abdominal bloating, sprains, stiff, preventing pregnancy, the body was tired after working hard, a little urine production, uterine tumors, and hair treatment.
Roots efficacious to overcome: a fever.

For drugs taken, boiled 15-30 g of dried herb or 30 -60 g of fresh herbs. Another way of mashed fresh herbs, then squeeze and feelings of water drunk.
For external use, mashed fresh herbs until smooth. Next, mix a little vegetable oil and stir until blended, and Dab on a fresh wound, ulcers, eczema and other skin diseases (such as leprosy / leprosy). Alternatively, grind dried herbs into powder, and then breathed into the esophagus patients with sore throat. In addition, the fresh leaves can be brewed and seduhannya water can be used to rinse the eyes, abdominal pain, and wash the wound.


Pain due to inflammation of the middle ear
Wash fresh herbs bandotan taste, then mash until smooth. As a result, squeeze and strain. Use the juice collected for ear drops. 4 times a day, every time the treatment as much as 2 drops.

Bleeding wounds, ulcers, eczema
Wash fresh herbs to taste bandotan thoroughly, then mash until smooth. Paste ingredients into the body of the sick, and then bandaged with a bandage. In one day, replace the bandage 3-4 times. Perform this treatment until healed.

Boils, ulcers
Wash a fresh bandotan herbaceous plants until clean. Add fistful stale rice and tip of a teaspoon of salt, then milled until smooth. Paste to place the sick, and then bandaged with a bandage.

Rheumatism (medical term: rheumatism), swelling due to sprain
Provide a handful of leaves and stems fresh bandotan young plants, one fist stale rice, and 1 / 2 teaspoon salt. Next, wash the leaves and young stems thoroughly, then mash with the rice and salt. After the dough like a thick porridge, apply the mixture to a swollen joints while wrapped. Leave for 1-2 hours, then bandage removed. Do treatments like this 2-3 times a day.

Uterine bleeding, mouth sores, boils, swollen bruise
Boil 10-15 g bandotan herbs in two cups water until the remains into a glass. Once cool, strain and filter drinking water as well. Do it 2-3 times a day.

Uterine tumor
Boil 30-60 g dried herb bandotan 15-30 g fresh or dried herbs in three cups of water until the remaining into a glass. Apart from boiled, fresh herbs can also be ground. Feelings boiled water or drink a glass of water a day.

Sore throat
(1) Wash bandotan 30-60 g fresh leaves thoroughly, then mash until smooth. Next, squeeze and strain. Add rock sugar solution into the juice to taste and stir until blended. Drink the potion and do three times a day.
(2) Wash bandotan leaf sufficiently, then dry in the sun to dry. Next, grind to a powder. Blow dust into the throat of the patient.

Malaria, influenza
Boil bandotan 15-30 g dried herbs in two cups of water until the remaining into a glass. Once cool, strain and drink as well. Do twice a day.

Abdominal bloating, heartburn, vomiting
Wash one medium size fruit bandotan plant thoroughly, then cut into pieces as needed. Boil in water until the remaining three cups into one glass. Once cool, strain and drink as well. Perform this treatment 2-3 times a day until healed.

Hair Care
Wash, the leaves and stems fresh bandotan thoroughly, then mash until smooth. Apply the collision to the entire scalp and hair. Cover the head with a piece of cloth. Leave for 2-3 hours. Next, rinse the hair.

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