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Eclipta alba ( Urang-Aring )

(Eclipta alba (L.) Hassk.)
= Eclipta prostrata (Linn.) = E.
et marginata alba, Boiss. = E. et prostratan erecta, Linn. = E. erecta, Linn. = E. parcifloran Wall. = E. philippinensis Gandog. = E. thermalis Bunge - Verbesina alba, Linn.
Compositae (Asteraceac) 

Many-stemmed wild plant species, growing in the open like the roadside, field, edge of the gutter, from the coast up to a height of 1500 m.
above sea level. Plant height reached 80 cm., Grow upright position sometimes lie. Stem round, green brown, somewhat rough-haired white. Green leaf elongated oval shape, leaf tip pointed, finely serrated edge or nearly flat, both surfaces hairy leaves, feels a bit rough. Hump-shaped compound interest small white color. The fruit is elongated, flat, hard and hairy.

Local Name:
Goman, urang aring (Java), te-lenteyan (Madura); Daun Sipat, keremak janten (Sumatra), Daun Tinta (Banda); Mo han lian (China).;
NATURE OF CHEMICAL AND pharmacological effects: Sweet, sour, cool. Stop the bleeding. (Hemostatic), lower the heat (antipyretic), anti-poison (antitoxic). This herb into liver and kidney meridians. 

CHEMICAL CONTENT: Ecliptine, AlfaTerthienylmethanol, 2 - (Buta-1 ,3-diynyl) -5 - (but-3-en-1-ynyl) thiophene, 2 - (Buta-1 ,3-diynyl) -5 - (4 -Chloro-3-hydroxybut-1-ynyl) thiophene, 5 - (3-butene-1-ynyl) -2.2 '-bithienyl-5'-methyl acetate, wedelolactone. 

Curable Disease:
Vomiting blood, nosebleeds, blood urine, dysentery, hepatitis, diarrhea, uterine bleeding, Poor nutrition,
leucorrhoe / pek tai, gray; 

PART USED: Whole plant, fresh or dried.

1. Stopping bleeding in vomiting blood (hematemesis),
    coughing up blood (hemoptoe), nosebleed (epistaxis), blood urine
    (Hematuria), blood stools (melena), bleeding of the uterus (uterine
2. Chronic hepatitis, diarrhea,
3. Poor nutrition in children (infantile malnutrition).
4. Whitish (leucorrhoe)
5. Graying hair (gray) at a young age.
6. Neurasthenia.

USE: 30-120 grams fresh. Or dried used

Crushed fresh herbs affixed to a hospital, or
fresh herbs boiled, to wash in: Eczema, tinea pedis (fungus), ulceration (including ulceration in the head), wound bleeding, swollen gums, hair fertilizer.
1. Swollen gums:
    Fresh baked until dry, made by powder (with
processing). Apply powder to the place of the sick.

2. Hair fertilizer:
    1 handful of crushed leaves eclipta alba, plus 2 cups water,
    strain. Water filters are condensed one night.
    How to use: with a moistened scalp massage, daily

3. Sores on the head:
    Eclipta alba sufficiently boiled, the water to wash the head,
    the waste is rubbed into sores. Or
    crushed fresh herbs, water applied to the sore feelings.

1. Pek Tay (keputihan)
    30 grams fresh alba eclipta plus juice (broth), chicken steamed and drink.

2. Nosebleed:
    1 handful fresh alba eclipta washed, then crushed, squeezed.
    Water feelings plus 5 cup of water, steamed so hot.
    Drink 2 times a day, after meals.

3. Diarrhea: 30 grams fresh alba eclipta boiled, drinking.

4. Coughing blood:
    Alba eclipta 60 grams of fresh crushed, squeezed.
    Feelings of warm water poured boiling water, drink.

5. Vomiting blood:
    120 grams crushed fresh herbs, water, water plus feelings
    sufficiently small boy urinating, drinking.

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