Friday, June 17, 2011

Bitter Grape ( Brotowali )

Bitter Grape ( Brotowali ) 
(Tinospora crispa (L.) Miers.hen jin t) 
Tinospora rumphii, Boerl. 
T. tuberculata Beumee. Cocculus crispus, DC.Menispermum verrucosum. M.crispum, Linn. M.tuberculatum, Lamk. 


Wild plants in the forests, fields or planted yard near the fence. Usually planted as a medicinal plant. Like a hot place, including shrubs, climbing, stems to 2.5 m. high Trunk of your little finger, bitter taste. Single leaves, stemmed, heart-shaped or oval rather pointy toes, length 7-12 cm, wide 5-10 cm. Flowers small, light green color, pseudo-shaped bunches. Propagated by cuttings. 

Local Name: 
Antawali, bratawali, putrawali, daun gadel (Java); Andawali (Sunda), Antawali (Bali); Shen jin teng (Chinese).; 

NATURE OF CHEMICAL AND pharmacological effects: Bitter, cool. Eliminating pain (Analgesic), fever (antipyretic), paved the meridian. CHEMISTRY CONTENT: Alkaloid, soft resin, starch, glycosides pikroretosid, pikroretin bitter substances, Harsha, berberine and palmatin. The root contains the alkaloid berberine and kolumbin. 

Curable Disease: 
Rheumatism, fever, appetite, Diabetes; 
PART USED: stem. 

1. Rheumatic arthritis, rheumatic arthritis hip (sciatica), bruise. 
2. Fever, stimulates appetite, yellow fever. 
3. Diabetes. 

USAGE: 10 - 15 g, boiled, drinking. 

EXTERNAL USE: The water used to wash the stem brotowali ulceration, scabies, wounds. 

1. Rheumatic: 
    1 finger sticks brotowali washed and cut into pieces as needed, boiled 
    with 3 cups water to a 1 1 / 2 cup. 
After cold 
    filtered, added honey to taste, drink. One day 3 x 1 / 2 cup. 

2. Yellow fever (icteric): 
    1 finger sticks brotowali washed and cut into pieces, boiled with 3 
    glasses of water to be 1 1 / 2 cup. 
Taken with honey 
    sufficiently. A day 2 x 3 / 4 cup. 

3. Fever: 
    2 finger sticks brotowali boiled with 2 cups of water, up to 1 
Once cool, drunk with honey to taste. 2x a day 
    1 / 2 cup. 

4. Diabetes: 
    1 / 3 handheld Sambiloto leaf, 1 / 3 handheld Kumis Kucing leaf, 3 / 4 
    ± 6 cm stem finger brotowali washed and cut into pieces, boiled 
    with 3 cups of water up to 2 cups. 
Taken after meals, 
    day 2 X 1 glass. 

5. Scabies (scabies): 
3 fingers stem brotowali, sulfur of pecan, washed and 
    finely ground, kneaded with coconut oil as necessary. Used 
    to grease the affected skin scabies. Day 2 x. 

6. Injuries: 
    Brotowali leaves finely ground, put on the wound, replaced 2 x 
    per day. To wash wounds, use the cooking water brotowali rod.

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