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Sida rhombifolia / Arrowleaf Sida ( Sidaguri )

Sida rhombifolia (Arrowleaf Sida) ( Sidaguri ) 
(Sida rhombifolia L.)

S. alnifolia Lour., S. phillippica DC., S. L. retusa, S. semicrenata Link., S. spinosa L.
Sidaguri grows wild in the street, lawns, forests, fields, and places with bright sunshine or a little sheltered. These plants are spread in tropical regions around the world from the lowlands to 1450 m above sea level. This branched upright shrub can reach 2 m high with a small branch haired meeting. Single leaf, alternate location, shape ovate or lanceolate, serrated edge, pointed tip, pinnate, the lower short-haired gray color, length 1.5 to 4 cm, width 1 to 1.5 cm. Single bright yellow flower that comes out of the armpit leaves, blooms at about 12 noon and wilted about three hours later. Fruit with 80-10 kendaga, diameter of 6-7 mm. Sidaguri strong roots and skin, used for making rope. Propagation by seed or stem cuttings.

Local Name:
Sumatera: guri, sidaguri, saliguri. Jawa: sadagori, sidaguri, otok-otok, taghuri, sidagori. Nusa Tenggara: kahindu, dikira. Maluku: hutu gamo, bitumu, digo, sosapu. NAMA ASING Huang hua mu (C), walis-walisan (Ph), sida hemp, yellow barleria (I). NAMA SIMPLISIA Sidae rhombifoliae Herba (herba sidaguri), Sidae rhombifoliae radix (akar sidaguri).

The leaves contain alkaloids, calcium oxalate, tannins, saponins, phenols, amino acids, and essential oils. Many contain substances that are used as a laxative phlegmatik sputum (expectorant) and lubricants (lubricant). Rods containing calcium oxalate and tannins. The roots contain alkaloids, steroids, and efedrine.

Curable Disease:
Herba sidaguri sweet, spicy, cool character, into the heart meridian, liver, lung, colon, and small intestine. Sidaguri efficacious anti-inflammatory, pain reliever (analgesic), Smooth urine (diuretic), launched menstruation, and skin softener. The root tastes sweet, fresh, cool character. Stimulates enzyme digestion, accelerate maturation ulcer, anti-inflammatory, and abortivum.

All of the above-ground vegetation (herbs) and the roots can be used as a drug. Can be used fresh or dried.
Herbs used to treat:
Influenza, fever, inflammation of the tonsils (tonsillitis), diphtheria,
TB glands (scrofuloderma)
inflammation of the intestine (enteritis), dysentery,
jaundice (jaundice),
urinary tract stones,
stomach pain,
hemorrhoid bleeding, vomiting blood,
delayed menstruation, and

Roots used to treat:
influenza, shortness of breath (asthma bronkhiale)
rheumatic gout,
toothache, thrush,
bitten by venomous insects,
loss of appetite,
constipation (constipation),
delayed menstruation, and
ulcers that never healed.

Flowers are used for external medication on:
insect bites.

Boil dried herbs (15-30 g) or fresh herbs (30-60 g), then drink the water. If using root, the dose is 10-15 g, or use a large dose of 30-60 g, boiled, and then drink the water.

For external use, attach a fresh herb or root that has been finely ground to a sick body parts, such as boils, sores, tuberculosis gland, snake bites. In addition, can also be boiled, use water to wash the eczema on scrotum or to bathe the chicken pox.

Boil dry sidaguri herb (30 g) with three brittle water until the remaining one cup. Once cool, strain and, drink twice a day, each half a glass.
Wash the roots dry sidaguri (30 g), then thinly sliced. Boil three cups of water until the remaining one cup. Once cool, strain and drink twice a day, each half a glass.

Chronic ulcers
For drugs taken, thinly sliced ​​stems and roots dry sidaguri (60 g). Add brown sugar (30 g) and water until cooked to taste bulbs entirely submerged, and the team. After chilling, drinking water well.

For external medicine, wash the roots sidaguri five fingers, then mash finely. Add salt to taste water as he squeezed. Use this mixture to plaster a boil, then bandage. Do twice a day.


Wash fresh herbs sidaguri (60 g), then cut into pieces as needed. Enter into a bowl, add water and cook until submerged seturuhnya team. After chilling, drinking water.

Skin itch, ringworm of the head
Wash fresh leaves sidaguri taste, then mash finely. Add coconut oil and stir until evenly distributed. Spread on skin itch or ringworm. Repeat three times a day until healed.

Gland tuberculosis
For drugs taken, cud sidaguri fresh herb (60 g), then cut into pieces as needed. Add meat (60 g), then the team. After chilling, drinking water and the meat is eaten. For external, minced fresh leaves until soft, then paste in the enlarged lymph nodes.

Late menstruation
Wash the roots sidaguri (30 g), then finely chopped. Add meat (30 g), then boiled.
Once cool, drink water and eat meat. Do it for several days.

Worm pinworm
Wash fresh leaves sidaguri (half cell), then milled until smooth. Add three quarters cup of boiled water and a little salt, then squeeze with a cloth.
Drinking water filter as well. Do twice a day.

Shortness of breath (asthma)
Cut thin sidaguri roots (60 g), add sugar (30 g), then boiled with three cups of water until the remaining one cup. Once cool, strain and drink twice a day, each half a glass.

Stomach churning
Chew sidaguri and ginger root to taste, then swallow the water. .

Chew the root sidaguri taste with a sore tooth.

Bleeding wounds
Wash fresh sidaguri root to taste, then mash until smooth. Paste in the bloody wound, then bandage.


Pregnant women are prohibited from using these herbs

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