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Pineapple (Nanas)

Pineapple ( Nanas )
(Ananas comosus (L.) Merr.)
A. Sativus Schult., Ananassa sativa Lindl., Bromelia comosa L.

Pineapple originated from Brazil. In Indonesia, the pineapple is planted in gardens, yards, and other places that get enough sun at an altitude of 1-1300 m above sea level. Pineapple is a fruit crop that is always available throughout the year. Annual or biennial herb, 50-150 cm tall, there is creeping shoots at their bases. Gathered in a rosette of leaves and roots at their bases widened to midrib. Leaf blade shape, thick and wiry, 80-120 cm long, 2-6 cm wide, taper tip resembling thorns, barbed outboard edges and curved upward, the underside of the flaky white, green or reddish green. Compound interest are arranged in very dense grain, located terminals and long-stemmed. Buni compound fruit fruit, round the long, fleshy, green, the color becomes yellow when ripe.
Pineapple fruit tastes good, sour to sweet. Seeds small, often not so. The fruit is eaten directly in addition, can also preserved by boiling in water and given sugar, made jam, or syrup is made. Pineapple fruit can also be used to provide sweet and sour flavors, as well as a meat tenderizer. Fibrous leaves can be made of yarn or tall. Pineapple plants can be propagated by crown, stem shoots, or axillary bud leaves.

Local Name:

NAME OF REGION: Sumatra: ekahauku (Enggano), Anes (Aceh), nat (Gayo), henas, Kenaz, honas, Annas (Batak), Gona (Nias), ASIT, nasit (Mentawai), Enas, kanas, pineapple (Malay ), weird, naneh (Minangkabau), kanas, kanyas, nas, nyanyas (Lampung). Java: danas, malignant (Sunda), pineapple (Java); lanas, pineapple (Madura): Kalimantan: kanas, samblaka, Malacca, uro usan, usan wood, wood ujan, dozens. Nusa Tenggara: manas (Bali), nanas (Sasak), aruma, Fanda, pandal (Bima), panda (Sumba), nana (MPA), bike, anana, Pedang (Flores), parangena, nanasi (Taluud). Sulawesi: tuis mangandow, na'asi, nanasi, tuis, ne tuis Walanda, Busa, areca (Ut.Alf.), nanati (Gorontalo), lalato (Buol), nanasi (Toraja), view (Makasar, Bugis), crazy, Ekam , hedan (East). esne (Kisar), ngewu (Tanimbar). Maluku: ai rice, baba-ba Than, kai nasi (East Seram), bangkalo, kampora, kanasoi (West Seram), anasu, banggala, bangkala, kai nasu, kambala, Kampala (south Seram), arnasinu, kanasi, kurnasin, Mangala, nanasi (Amb.Alf.), nanasu, anasul (Ulias). Irian Jaya: Manilmap, miniap. FOREIGN NAME: Pineapple (I), ananas (I, B, P, J), Pinya (Tag.). NAME simplicia: Fructus Ananas (pineapple).

Fruit contains vitamins (A and C), calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, sodium, potassium, dextrose, sucrose (sugar cane), and the enzyme bromelain. Bromelain efficacious anti-inflammatory, helps soften the food in the stomach, interfering with the growth of the cancer set, inhibits platelet aggregation and has fibrinolytic activity. Fiber content can facilitate defecation in patients with constipation (constipation). The leaves contain calcium oxalate and pectic substances.

Curable Disease:
The nature and efficacy of its ripe fruit is cool, nutritious reduce the discharge of excessive stomach acid, helps digest food in the stomach, anti-inflammatory, laxative urine (diuretic), clean up of dead skin tissue (skin debridement), disrupt the growth of the cancer set, inhibits platelet clumping (aggregation platelets), and has fibrinolytic activity. Young fruit sour taste, nutritious boost digestive enzymes, antelmintik, diuretic, laxative menstruation (emenagog), abortivum, thinning sputum (Mukolitik), and laxatives. Leaves efficacious antipyretic, antelmintik, laxatives, anti-inflammatory, and normalize the menstrual cycle. Farmakologis effects and results of research studies on the effect of adding pineapple juice for the quality of cow's milk has been done. Apparently, the addition of 3.4 ml pineapple juice obtained the lowest bacterial populations, ie 37.60 x 10 'cells / ml and the highest fat content of 7.594%. On addition of 3.2 ml pineapple juice obtained the highest protein content of 19.138 ° Io (Noah M. Nasution, Biology Department UNAND, 1993). Apparently, the enzymes contained in pineapple a quick nutritious debridement (experiments conducted on mice who had burns). Giving young pineapple extract as much as 0.2 ml in pregnant mice can be lethal embryos of mice when given at ages 2 and 4 days gestation. If given at 6 days of gestation, pregnancy can still take place and normal childbirth (Mulyoto, FB Unsoed, 1986).
Parts Used:
Parts used are the fruit and leaves.

Pineapple fruit used for treatment:
- A feeling of fullness in the stomach,
- Constipation,
- Sore throat,
- Lose weight,
- Beri-beri,
- Sprains, swelling stricken,
- Simple blood to clot (blood coagulation),
- Atherosclerosis (narrowing of blood vessels),
- Inhibits tumor growth,
- To increase absorption (absorption) of drugs,
- Missed a period, and
- Worms.

How to use:
For drugs taken, pineapple juice 1/2-2 medium size or can also be shredded, then drink.
To use foreign drugs, peeled pineapple, and scar. Paste the results in a sore body parts, such as cleaning up dead tissue (debridement) of burns, dandruff, ulcers, ulceration, and skin inflammation (dermatitis). Alternatively, pounded leaves of pineapple until smooth, then smeared on burns, ulcers, and itching.

Example Usage:
- Worms
Peel a young pineapple fruit, then rinse thoroughly. Next, rinse with water to cook, and scar. Squeeze fixation and strain the result, then Drinks at a wormy child little by little.

- Sprains, bruises due to hit
Peel a ripe pineapple, cut into pieces, then blended. Drinking water is collected at the same time.

- Sore throat
Peel 2 pieces of pineapple that have been cooked, then rinse thoroughly. Cut into pieces, then juiced or grated. Next, wring it out using a piece of clean cloth. Drinking water collected, daily 3 times, each time just 1 / 3 part.

- Inflammation in the skin (dermatitis), dandruff
Provide 1 / 2 ripe pineapple fruit. Peel the skin, and scar. The results are used to rub the scaly and flaking skin, either in the scalp or other parts of the body. Do it once a day, night before bed. The next morning washed clean. Do it every day.

- Dandruff
Provide 1 / 4 ripe pineapple fruit. Peel the skin, and scar, and filtered. Add the juice 1 orange juice and stir until blended. Use this mixture to rub the scalp of dandruff. Do it the night before bed. The next morning washed hair. Do it 2-3 times a week.

- Losing weight
Peel 1 piece of pineapple that are not too ripe, then rinse thoroughly. Cut into pieces, then juiced or grated. Next, squeeze a piece of clean cloth and use water direct feelings while drunk. Perform 2 times daily.

- Constipation
Peel 3 pieces of pineapple that has not been cooked, then rinse thoroughly. Next, juice or grated, then squeezed. Drinking water after eating feelings, daily 2 times, each quite 1 / 2 cup.

- Beri beri

Peel 2 ripe pineapple fruit, then rinse thoroughly. Next, juice or grated, then squeezed. Drinking water at the same time feelings. Should be drunk in the morning or afternoon after eating.

- Burns, itching and boils
Wash the pineapple leaves thoroughly, then mash until smooth. Smeared on the sick.

- Pain management in the stomach due to disturbed digestion
Drinking pineapple juice 3 times a day each 3 / 4 cups (150 cc). Make 1 / 2 hour before meals.

- Pregnant women are forbidden to drink juice young  pineapple.
- Fruits of pineapple in the gastrointestinal tract is fermented into alcohol that can cause a recurrence of rheumatic gout.
- Patients with diabetes (diabetes mellitus) is recommended to limit the eating pineapple because the ripe fruit sugar content is high enough.

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