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Zingiber (Bangle)

Zingiber  (Bangle)
(Zingiber purpureum Roxb.)
Zingiber cassumunar, Roxb.

Bangle grows in tropical Asia, from India to Indonesia. In Java, cultivated or planted in the yard on the places that get enough sunlight, ranging from lowland to 1300 m dpi. In flooded or muddy soil, its growth will be disturbed and rhizome rot quickly. Herba season, grow upright, 1 to 1.5 m tall, forming a rather dense clumps, trunked virtual, composed of leaf midrib hairy edge brush tip. Single leaf, alternate location. Leaf blade oblong, thin, pointed tip, base obtuse, the edge of the flat, smooth-haired, rarely, pertulangan pinnate, 23-35 cm long, 20-40 mm wide, it's green. The flowers are compound interest, the form of bunches, exit at the end of the rod, the length of the handle up to 20 cm. The part that contains flower shapes such as oval or spindle, 6-10 cm long, 4-5 cm wide. Leaf petals arranged like a thick scales, petals form a tube, three serrated edge, bright red color. Flower lips elongated round shape, white or pale color. Bangle has a creeping rhizome and fleshy, the shape is almost round to oblong or irregular, 2-5 mm thick. Outer surface is not flat, wrinkled, sometimes with shredded leaves, yellowish brown color, when young yellow split until golden brown. It was not tasty, spicy and bitter. Bangle classified as herbs that have medicinal properties. Harvest is done after the plants one year old. Propagation by rhizome cuttings.

Local Name:
Panglai (Sunda), bengle (Java), pandhiyang (Madura).; Mugle, bengle, Bungle, baglai, baniai, banglai, bunglai,; Bangle, kunit bolai, turmeric bolai (Sumatra), banggele (Bali),; Bale, Panini, manglai, manguiai, bangerei, wangelei, walegai,; kukuniran, kukundiren, unin makei, unin pakei, bangle, bongle;
NATURE OF CHEMICAL AND pharmacological effect: Rhizome distinctive aromatic smell, taste slightly bitter and somewhat spicy. Fever (anti piretik), laxative fart (carminative), push sputum (expectorant), blood purifier, laxative (laksan), de-worming (vermifuge). CHEMICAL CONTENT: Rhizome: essential oil (cineol, pinen), resin, starch, tannin.
Curable Disease:
Fever, headache, cough, stomach aches, colds, constipation, jaundice, worms, rheumatic, medicinal herbs, obesity; Decrease the abdomen after childbirth;
PART USED: Rhizome, leaf.
- Fever, headache.
- Cough with phlegm.
- Stomach pain, common colds.
- Constipation.
- Jaundice.
- Worms.
- Rheumatism.
- Medicinal herb in women after childbirth.
- Decrease the abdomen after childbirth.
- Obesity.

• No appetite.
• Stomach feels full.

To drink: 1/2-3.jari rhizome, boiled.
External use. Rhizome sufficiently washed and then shredded used as a poultice or cream on headache, stiff, shrink the stomach after giving birth, and so forth.

1. Fever, colds.
    15 g fresh rhizome bangle washed and shredded. Add 1 / 2
    cup hot water and 2 tablespoons of honey. Stirred evenly ago
    squeezed and filtered, drinks. Perform 2 times daily.

2. Stomach mules:
    Bangle rhizome, ginger rhizome, kencur and lempuyang wangi,
    each 1 / 2 finger hand washed and thinly sliced. Boiled
    with 1 cup water until the remaining 1 / 2 cup. After cold
    strained, and drunk.

3. Headaches due to fever:
    Fresh ginger to taste washed and shredded. Add
    a little water until it becomes dough like mush. Used as
    pilis on the forehead.

4. Jaundice:
    1 / 2 finger rhizome bangle washed and shredded. Add water
    cook and honey each 1 tablespoon. Squeeze and strain,
    drinking. Perform 2 times daily.

5. Joint pain (Rheumatism):
    Taste of fresh ginger grated Ialu washed, add wine
    until it becomes dough like watery porridge. then dabs on
    joint pain.

6. Shrink the stomach after giving birth:
    Rhizome bangle sufficiently washed and shredded, dabs on

7. Worms:
    3 finger rhizome bangle, 2 finger black meeting, 5 and 5 pieces of coriander seeds
    betel leaf stalks are washed and sliced ​​thinly, then pounded
    smooth. Add 1 / 2 cup cooking water, then stirred evenly
    squeezed and filtered. Drink.

8. Inflammation of the eye mucus seiaput:
    Bangle rhizome and turmeric for 1 book and 13 points fingers
    black cumin washed and cut into pieces as needed. Boiled
    with 1 cup water until the remaining half. After
    chilling filtered, drinks.

9. Overweight / reducing body fat:
a. A piece of rhizome bangle and 7 Dutch identity leaves washed
       then boiled with 1.5 cups water until remaining 1 glass.
       After chilling filtered, divided for 2 times drinks.
Morning and

b. 1 / 2 finger rhizome bangle, half finger rhizome Intersection dribbles, 3 / 4 fingers
       rhizome lempuyang Wangi, 1 / 4 handheld yellow leaves, 1 / 4
       handheld leaf of Dutch Teak, 3 finger palm sugar, washed and quartered
       pieces as needed.
Boil with 4 1 / 2 cup water until
       1/2-nya remaining. After chilling filtered, drinks. One day 3 x 3 / 4

    c. Bangle rhizome and rhizome of black meeting, each 1 / 2 finger
       hand, washed and shredded.
Add 1 tablespoon lemon juice
       juice and 2 tablespoons of honey, toss with a squeezed-
squeezed. Squeeze and strain, drink. Do it 2-3 times a day.

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