Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wild Ginger (Temulawak)

Wild Ginger is included in the ginger family (Zingiberaceae). Wild Ginger (Curcuma Roxb xanthorhiza) is a medicinal plant native to Indonesia.Nevertheless, the spread of the plant Curcuma javanica famous as this, only limited on the island of Java, Maluku and Kalimantan. Wild Ginger grows as a bush not trunked. Starting from the base have led to a long leaf stalks standing upright. Plant height between 2 to 2.5 meters. The leaves are long round, like a banana leaf. Midrib leaves cover each other form a stem.
Digestible starch plants can grow well in lowlands up to a height of 750 meters above sea level. Ginger can be harvested after 8-12 months old, while the leaves have yellowed and look almost dead. Bulbs will emerge from the base of the stem, the color is dark yellow or light brown, up to 15 centimeters in length and diameter 6 inches. It smells fragrant and slightly spicy taste bitter.
Benefits of ginger for the health, actually have long been known empirically and familial experiences of ancestors. Since the first of ginger is used as a febrifuge, stimulate appetite, treat jaundice, diarrhea, ulcer, flatulence, and fatigue. Last also known ginger can lower blood fats, inhibit blood clotting as an antioxidant, and maintain health by increasing the immune power. Some benefits are then finally clinically proven. Seeing the benefits of ginger are a abrek this, no doubt the government launched a "national movement drinking ginger" since 2 years ago.
Hit Toxin Helps HeartFruit flesh (rhizome) of ginger contains several chemical compounds, including volatile oil and turmerol fellandrean, camphor, glucoside, foluymetik carbinol, and curcumin. Curcumin is known as the content of the many benefits, especially as an anti hepototoksik and antioxidants.
What is the mechanism of curcumin actually save "a symbol of romanticism" is still unclear. But a study reported in animal studies, curcumin strongly inhibits the enzyme cytochrome 4501A1/1A2 in the liver. This enzyme is involved in bioaktivasi isoenzymes several toxins, including benzo [a] pyrene. Curcumin was found also prevent the formation of a covalent bond between cytochrome P450 and DNA. And, researchers concluded that curcumin might inhibit carcinogenesis by modulating the function of the chemical with P450.
In addition, curcumin was found also offer liver protection against alcohol toxicity. This effect is evident in a study conducted in mice induced by ethanol 25%. Rats that received curcumin 80 mg / kg decreased levels of liver enzymes and acid reactive products tiobarbiturat. In addition, an other study also showed that curcumin reduce liver damage by reducing lipid peroxidation. This was observed in mice whose hearts had been induced by iron. Still based on pre-clinical studies, curcumin was also reported increased activity of glutathione-S-transferase. This enzyme is very important in the detoxification process.
Curcumin Clinical TestA clinical trial that is not so great has been done in the country to see the benefits of curcumin in improving liver function. The study involved about 38 patients with liver disorders or have a value of ALT and AST above the normal of the 5 areas (Bogor, Bandung, Semarang, Solo, Surabaya, Palembang and Jakarta).Patients given a combination of curcumin 25 mg, 100 mg of essential phospholipid, and vitamin E 100 mg.This study uses the method of seeding trial or without comparison. Observations were carried out by some 20 researchers in the period from July to December 1998.
The parameter used is the value of ALT and AST. ALT is an enzyme produced by hepatocytes, there are many types of cells in the liver. SGPT levels in the blood will increase along with damage to the hepatocytes cells that can occur due to hepatitis virus infection, alcohol, drugs that induce the occurrence of damage to hepatocytes, and other causes such as shock or drug toxicity.
ALT values ​​are considered normal is 0-35 units per liter (u / l). Increasing the value of alanine aminotransferase 50 times normal indicate low blood flow to the liver, hepatitis, or liver cell damage caused by the drug / chemical compounds such as CCl4.Increased SGPT mild to moderate value may be caused by hepatitis, cirrhosis, liver cancer and alcohol. Sometimes in cirrhosis only occurs 2-4 times increase in ALT values ​​than the normal value.
While AST widely found in many organs heart, liver, skeletal muscle, pancreas, lungs, red blood cells and brain cells. When cells are damaged organs, the AST will be released in the blood. As a result when the measurement will be visible correlation magnitude or severity of cells that occurs. AST normal value ranges from 3-45 units per liter (u / l). Increasing the value of AST may be caused by hepatitis C. In acute hepatitis, an increase can occur up to 20 times their normal values.
The study shows, based on statistical calculations, a decline in the value of AST and ALT levels significantly. After 14 days of treatment, AST impairment of the patients reached up to 2.89 times, while for SGPT reached 3.28 times compared to before treatment. The results do not differ greatly also found in individuals who suffer from hepatitis and non-hepatitis. Patients with hepatitis has decreased AST and ALT as much as 3.48 times as much as 3.82 times, compared to before treatment. Meanwhile in the individual non-hepatitis, a decline in SGOT and SGPT almost 1.91 times as much as 2.15 times.
Exploring Other BenefitsUp to now, been many studies conducted to try to drink another benefit of this precious tuber. Studies are being intensively conducted to see the benefits of curcumin as an anti tumor to treat cancer. Numerous reports indicate, kurkumoid including curcumin has kemopreventif and curative activity against cancer.The study was generally conducted in animals with different administration routes and tested with the system in vitro. However, few studies have also been started recently in humans.
Other benefits are also being targeted by curcumin is inhibition of replication of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). A study showed that curcumin inhibits cell fusion stage of the virus in the HIV replication cycle.Various studies continue to be done to find a bright spot. If all clinically proven, then the plants containing curcumin will become richer benefits. And Indonesia would be sympathetic joy, because the plant is a native of Mother Earth.

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